29 Apr

Facts About The Benefits of Pregnant Women’s Massage

Pregnancy can trigger a variety of unpleasant complaints. Massage pregnant women can be done as one way to relieve discomfort and make pregnant women feel relaxed. Visit our website to find out Massage Envy Prices. When a woman is pregnant, there will be some pressure that can be felt especially in the area of the abdominal muscles, neck, back, and shoulders. As the weight grows, many pregnant women complain of pain in the lower back and posture changes occur as the pelvic position progresses forward.

In general, research shows the benefits of massage for people in general, among others, to relieve pain or possibly improve the performance of the immune system. Other studies have found the possibility of a useful massage reduces low back pain, chronic headaches lower stress, and helps relaxation. Meanwhile, research aimed specifically at the benefits of maternity massage is still very limited. However, a study suggests that pregnant women’s massage may have positive benefits such as lowering tension and stress hormone levels, easing back and leg pain, improving mood while increasing happiness, and making sleep more soundly.

It’s just that, massage pregnant women should pay attention to the age of pregnancy first. Pregnant women who still experience nausea and vomiting should avoid this treatment first. It is recommended that pregnant women’s massage starts after 12 weeks’ gestation or enter the second trimester. Then, avoid re-massage pregnant women at the age of pregnancy is getting closer to the time of delivery, ie pregnant 32 weeks and over.

Generally, pregnant mothers massage will last for one hour. Some of the special massage places of pregnant women have a special chair or bed. Therefore, massage pregnant women will usually be done in various positions, such as sitting, half lying, or lying sideways. Pregnant women’s massages are usually trained to understand which parts of the body are often uncomfortable. However, if pregnant women feel uncomfortable or feel certain body parts need an extra massage, it is recommended immediately say it.