11 Jun

Painting Bricks

Brick exposed bricks are used to make walls but not equipped with a cover or patch made of cement and sand dough. The goal is that the wall can bring a natural and natural impression, so the bricks used are also a brick. In addition, almost all exposed bricks are not colored alias allowed to appear as it is. If you want to use color, now there are exposed bricks that are colored directly in the process of making. But in certain circumstances, there are also people who are more interested in giving color to the stone using paint. One reason is to create a more modern and dynamic impression of the wall. So the colors that appear on the wall will not be a natural color but the colors are brighter and pop. The use of paint for exposure bricks can also make the maintenance technique easier and practical to do because the paint for exposure bricks are usually also equipped with other chemical substances that are anti-fungal and moss. So the use of paint can make the wall is always clean even in the moist place or when the rainy season comes. house painting auckland has a unique system used to polish paint on bricks.

The first way is only on the grout only given the color of paint, the goal is that the lines on the grout can look more assertive and have a stronger character. Actually in addition to wearing paint, to create a firm grout line can use a special cement that has been given the color. It’s just that the color in the cement is less bright and striking than using the painting technique. While the second system is all the walls are painted, including exposed bricks. Although still visible clearly, but the boundary between grout and exposed bricks will look together and become an integral part. In general, this system is more often applied to home buildings that apply the concept of a more modern design but still want to bring a natural and natural impression.